Elderly Care Workers In It For The Long Term

Farah Dokis says what she loves best about caring for the elderly is what they have to say. “You can learn a lot from their stories. And they really appreciate what you do for them.” The 23-year-old registered practical nurse from Kitchener has worked with different types of patients in her time with Bayshore Home Health. But she says, “I’d

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What is Home Care?

Home care is a crucial component of today’s healthcare system. Home care and home nursing provided by in home nurses encompasses a wide range of healthcare and health support services administered within the patient’s home. A skilled, private-duty or in home nurse is necessary anytime that a patient requires care which cannot be safely, effectively or easily provided by family

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Who Needs Home Care?

Home nursing services are required for a variety of reasons. Senior citizens are the largest consumer of home care services. Individuals recovering from acute injury, those adjusting to physical and mental disabilities, and individuals with social challenges can also benefit from home nursing services. As stays in the hospital decrease in length, home nursing can play a critical role in

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Home Care & Home Nursing Services

Home nursing and home care services are not “one size fits all.” Every patient is unique and a home healthcare agency can help create a plan of care tailored to individual medical, social and psychological needs. In home nurses will work with each patient to provide the best possible medical care depending on the patient’s needs. Skilled, private duty, and

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What are Caregivers?

Often times patients requiring home care and home nursing services need assistance with non-medical tasks and activities as well. Family and friends frequently provide non-medical home care assistance, however in many cases arranging for a caregiver or home health aide is also necessary. While home nurses are crucial to ensuring health and wellness of individuals requiring home care and home

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Paying For Home Care

The cost of home care and home nursing varies greatly depending on the type of services needed, the frequency of visits, and the duration of the home care program. Sometimes, in anticipation of future home care needs, individuals have purchased a specific home health care insurance policy. This type of policy covers the cost of long-term care for aged, ill,

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The History of Nursing

Nursing is sometimes described as the “oldest of arts and the newest of professions.” The term nursing originally referred to acts of care giving and compassion. The word derives from Latin and means ‘to nourish.’ Although as a formal industry the field of home nursing and home care are relatively new, nursing done in the home setting dates back to

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All About Hospice

Hospice care seeks to improve the quality of life of terminally ill individuals and their families. Hospice focuses on relieving symptoms of illness, as well as pain and suffering, rather than trying to cure the illness. The symptoms addressed by in-home nurses and others practicing hospice care may be physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. When hospice care is administered at

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Choosing a Home Nursing Agency

Choosing an in home nurse, a private duty nurse, or any type of home care provider is a very important decision. In home nurses administer care in the patient’s home, and therefore must not only be skilled in the nursing profession, but also trustworthy, kind and compassionate. Often times a patient will require care over a long period of time,

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