Paying For Home Care

The cost of home care and home nursing varies greatly depending on the type of services needed, the frequency of visits, and the duration of the home care program. Sometimes, in anticipation of future home care needs, individuals have purchased a specific home health care insurance policy. This type of policy covers the cost of long-term care for aged, ill, and incapacitated individuals. Home health care insurance usually covers the cost of a nursing home OR the services of a home nurse provided by a home care agency. When purchasing home care insurance be sure to carefully study the policy and fully understand the type of coverage you are purchasing.

Most home care agencies accept a variety of insurances. When home care and home nursing are ordered by a doctor Medicare most often covers some or all of the charges. The home care agency will bill Medicare and any other insurance companies directly. A major advantage of going through a home care agency to arrange home nursing services is that independent home care providers are often unable to bill Medicare and insurance companies, requiring an out-of-pocket payment on the part of the patient or their family.